Frequently Asked Questions

Can I review my policy now even though it isn't my renewal?

Yes! you can review your policy anytime throughout the year and there's nothing to stop you changing if we find something better. There is no penalty for changing mid-term and we would deal with the cancellation of your old policy for you. If you have paid upfront for the year, your old insurer will refund this back to you.

Will my pre-existing conditions be covered if I change providers?

Our specialists always look to cover any conditions that you may already have and each insurer has specific criteria which will decide this. We will ask you a few simple health questions and find the best policy to cover your conditions. We will always be clear and honest about any conditions we cannot cover.

Will my premiums just shoot up again next year?

All the insurers have a clear system of how they calculate your renewal premiums. This will take into account things such as general inflation, rises in tax, any claims that have been made and the fact that you are another year older. We will act as your broker for as long as you're happy to have us and if you're not happy with your future premiums let us know!

Am I too old to change?

Certainly not! We work with insurers than will accept you no matter how old you are!

Is it complicated changing providers and will I have to ring round all the insurers?

Not at all! We do all the work for you!

We will setup your new policy for you and we will even notify your old insurer of your cancellation.